Plant Based Nutrition - Healing

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Plant Based Nutrition - Healing

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Righto, the body is an intelligent self correcting organism. Break a bone and it will join the pieces back togther (maybe ask someone to set it first :D ), cut yourself and it will sew the wound up for you, it pumps just the right amount of blood throughout your whole body, and keeps your internal temperature just right... that is unless it is interfred with by such things as toxin overload, stress overload, you moving to antarctica with just a pair of stubbies and thongs (that's shorts and flip-flops for those who didn't know) or falling into a mulcher.

What you eat can cause too much stress for the body to maintain optimal health. Here is a youtube channel featuring interviews with people who have reversed various illnesses. One thing they did was switch to basing their meals around plant based whole foods.

These inspiring interviews document the success many people have found by switching to a plant-based diet. They have reversed cancer, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, and many other conditions. There are examples from many different communities and schools of thought, but what they all share in common is eating a diet that emphasizes whole plant foods, and minimizes animal products, processed foods, and added sugars or oils.

The T. Colin Campbell Foundation offers scientific integrity on the subject of nutrition.

There are recipes at the founder's website:

Enjoy :goodstuff

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