Re: How to live without money

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Re: How to live without money

Unread post by chandrakavi » July 19th, 2011, 5:17 pm

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Re: Re: How to live without money

Unread post by spowell » September 12th, 2011, 1:52 am

I think that it would really be tough to live without money even when you have a sustainable life. Having the ingredients for food at your own backyard is no guarantee that you could survive. Though it is a big step forward achieving life without currency.

You might have the tools for you own generated electricity but once they break down, you would have to cough up some dough to have them repaired. Talk about the great irony in life being all about money.

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Re: Re: How to live without money

Unread post by zeus » September 13th, 2011, 1:07 pm

god damn dirty hippies!!!!LOL, get eric cartman in there!!!, yes a great theory, what about the middle of a bad winter, minus mental!!!! no heating or water?? , having to wipe your arse on a crisp packet etc!!!! then what about old age?? this kind of living is fine when your young, but still a good idea, if only we could all adopt it?

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